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The basis of this club is for the enjoyment of Garden Railroading through our meetings, friendship, and sharing of ideas.  Meetings are held at members' homes round robin style with a goal of one meeting per month.  We are in the process of building a modular layout.

The layout will be used during the winter months and also for hobby promotion, creating the option of having meetings at members’ homes who do not have a layout, fundraisers, children’s hospitals and train shows.

If interested please climb aboard and join!

We are a due free club serving the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania and the north western part of New Jersey.

"The Pennsylvania was the first American railroad to lay steel rails and the first to lay Bessemer rails;

it was the first to put the steel fire-box under the locomotive boiler;

it was the first to use the air brake and the block signal system;

it was the first to use in its shops the overhead crane." John Moody.

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